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Helen Hanson

Live Your Bliss: Practices That Produce Happiness and Prosperity

Live Your Bliss: Practices that Produce Happiness and Prosperity - Terry Cole-Whittaker Metaphysical concepts on how to live a better life. The Golden Rule is taught in every religion as the best way to have a love-filled and happy life. Treating others as we want to be treated is the way to actualize our divine nature and raise our spiritual vibration, as well as to attract other loving and generous people. To whatever degree we are open, we receive, and to whatever degree we are closed, we experience poverty, unhappiness and lack.

By the basic law of life - cause and effect, what we get depends on whether our thoughts, feelings, desires and actions are loving or angry and fear-based. Act as if you are as you desire to be, and you will be. This is the secret for attaining whatever appeals to us.

A closed mind is the number one limitation of humankind. Greatness is our destiny. Being great means being who we are. Seek the highest truth and act on it, regardless of your old habits and beliefs. Consciousness is contagious, so we must remember not to surround ourselves with angry, resentful people as their energy can drag us down with them. We help others by being as enlightened as possible! Every soul is greatness personified and a genius in potential, but many are latent in actualization. All will work out, and when you turn away from the false and focus on the true, you will always have what you need, without stress, fear, or lack!

The belief that we are not happy is what makes us unhappy. Unhappiness is the cause of all personal and global problems, for it is only unhappy people trying to get happiness who commit violence on others or themselves.