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Playstation Nation

Playstation Nation: Protect Your Child from Video Game Addiction - Olivia Bruner, Kurt Bruner I liked this book, even though I don't totally agree with everything the author's propose. It is definitely an anti- video-gaming book. The only positive thing I could find was a study about how children in the hospital need fewer pain killers when they get engrossed in video games.

Otherwise, they really don't have anything positive to say. Granted, addiction is not good, but I feel that a bit of gaming can be a good thing. It is definitely more interactive than watching television and can teach decision making skills.

College dorms are full of mostly young men, playing incessantly, some even flunking out of college because of it. I don't think that is a good thing. College should be more for getting out and socializing. Younger children can't always to out to play as neighborhoods are not as safe as they used to be, back in the day.

The authors give quite a list of alternate activities at the end of the book. Things I used to do as a kid. And, having the console in the family room where everyone can get involved is better than a kid isolating alone in his bedroom, playing night and day.

An interesting read for anyone who loves video games!