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Love, Lies, and Deception
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Confessions of a Corporate Slut
Jacqueline Gum
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Rick Cormier
The Bliss Balance - Create Success, Peace, and Happiness in Your Life
Rebekah Harkness
Ocean of Fear
Helen Hanson
Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church - Lauren Drain, Lisa Pulitzer A must read! I really enjoyed this book! A true story of a woman growing up in the very controversial Westboro Baptist Church. An excellent loo at the day to day life of this small group who has their own interpretation of the Bible, which is not up for discussion!

As the title is Banished, I am not giving away anything by saying that she was eventually banished from the Church and her family....

Somewhat disturbing, but a great read for Christians, especially! Recommended!