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Love, Lies, and Deception
L.P. Dover
Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government
Yaron Brook, Don Watkins
Confessions of a Corporate Slut
Jacqueline Gum
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Rick Cormier
The Bliss Balance - Create Success, Peace, and Happiness in Your Life
Rebekah Harkness
Ocean of Fear
Helen Hanson
The Value of Nothing: How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy - Raj Patel "something that has largely been forgotten in Western democracies - that the passivity of the majority is what allows the powerful to rule."

The author claims that the new cap and trade policies share DNA with the same toxic policies of the early 2000's that lead to the mortgage meltdown.

"according to data from one of the longest-running farm-scale studies, sustainable organic farming could sequester up to 40 percent of current CO2 emissions."

"The activist Abbie Hoffman once observed, "You measure democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists." By that metric, there's not much democracy around."

A good read for anyone interested in our current state and what is really going on! Recommended!