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Ocean of Fear
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Hooked!: Buddhist Writings on Greed, Desire, and the Urge to Consume - Stephanie Kaza Very interesting collection of essays about how we get attached to consuming things. Would recommend even for non-buddhists as we all experience these desires and are surrounded by daily advertisements promoting ever more consumption of goods and services.

The acquisition of more and more objects does not quench our desire but only heightens desire for other objects not yet in one's possession and thus leads to increased dissatisfaction. There are few winners and many losers in this process. Even the winners are not real winners as they create oppression and inflict great suffering on many people. Desire builds upon desire, so we can never be satisfied. "self-denial is no more effective than self-indulgence in solving the problems of greed and grasping leading to suffering."

"The meaning of my life
buying and owning things
then throwing them away."

"I use this sort-of haiku as a working summary of consumerism."

Don't expect a really easy read, but it's not that difficult, either. All buddhist concepts are fully explained and accessible to anyone!