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Darknet: Hollywood's War Against the Digital Generation - J. D. Lasica I really enjoyed this somewhat dated book about hollywood's fight against p2p networks. The second half of the book was definitely MUCH better. Soooo, if you can get through the 100+ pages, you are in for a decent read. After he tackles the movie industry, he goes on to explore the music and games industries as well.

Basically, p2p networks have taken off as Hollywood has tried as hard as they could to influence legislation to prevent consumers from viewing movies how, when and where they please. If you buy a movie, shouldn't you have the right to watch it on a portable device? Not according to the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). This has hampered a lot of creativity as pastors are breaking the law if they show a short clip of a copyrighted movie or tv show in church on Sunday! Wanna make a mash-up(two different songs mixed together)? Well, that is also breaking the law! Using a ten-second clip of a Disney movie in your home video would make you a felon!

The author goes into how forward thinking business people from NYC are always trying to develop new business models, while Hollywood views this as a threat. It's only the newer companies like HBO, MTV, etc that are willing to listen. "As broadband succeeds, broadcasting will fail."

"Our country has a choice of two visions of what our media culture might look like. One might be 500 channels (owned by 6 corporations) and nothing on. The other might allow consumers easy on-demand access to a world of unique artistry of such power and grace as would melt the heart."

In the music world, the industry loves to blame the file sharing networks for their current woes, but many of their wounds have been self-inflicted. Artists receive less than 5 percent of CD sales! They average around 12 percent for online sales and 35-40 percent of concert proceeds. A new band gets an advance and after all is said and done, they usually end up OWING money to the label! They are not allowed to post any music online for their fans as it is prohibited. All the money is being made by only a few big artists, while all the other musicians are starving! "obscurity-not piracy-may be the greatest threat to the vast majority of creative artists." "Price it right and they will come."

He ends with a 10 point digital culture road map! Interesting stuff! Would definitely recommend!