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Ocean of Fear
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Broke, USA: From Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc. - How the Working Poor Became Big Business - Gary Rivlin Timely book on more ways to get rich by screwing the poor! Excellent review of the people behind the pawnshops, check cashing and payday loan industries. We used to have usury laws, but these industries have been able to get around them and charge unbelievably high apr rates on short term loans! How's 391% sound to ya?????

The perfect customer for a subprime lender "would be an uneducated woman who is living on a fixed income - hopefully from her deceased husband's pension and Social Security - who has her house paid off, is living off credit cards and having a difficult time keeping up with her payments."

"It may sound like loan sharking, but in most of America, it's perfectly legal." "A typical loan shark only charges an APR of around 150 percent."

Hmmmmmm, if you are ever tempted to use one of these predatory businesses, RUN down to your local library and borrow a copy of this book instead!

Our government should be ashamed of itself!