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The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude - Carol Lay You gotta love a diet book that is also a graphic novel! I picked this one up at the library, not really realizing what it was. Since I just recently lost 30 pounds, it wasn't all that helpful as a diet book for myself. However, if you have been having trouble dieting, I definitely suggest you pick this one up! It's a lighthearted and funny way of looking at food....

Loved the panel: "A simple rule for processed food is this: if it contains more than five ingredients and if any of those are unpronounceable, don't eat it." I have been trying to cook more, not only is it less expensive, but it tastes better and is better for your body. Now, if only the summer heat would co-operate!

She also says that carbonated drinks leach calcium and minerals from bones and tissues, which can lead to osteoporosis. I'm definitely giving them up totally after reading this book! Now, I have to work on dairy products, which she says there is more osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer in countries where the most dairy products are consumed.....

The end part of the book contains calorie charts and lots of low calorie recipes.... Definitely recommended!