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Ocean of Fear
Helen Hanson
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine - Michael Lewis I have read more than one book already about the mess we are in. It has directly affected me, so I have taken a special interest in it.

This book is definitely different than the others, in that it is a story of the layers behind the scenes, those that were cashing in by betting that all these cray loans were going to go bad and that millions would be lost, or in this case, won.

"His experience with Household Finance had disabused him of any hope that the government would intercede to prevent rich corporations from doing bad things to poor people." "the U.S. financial system appeared systematically corrupted by a cabal of Wall Street banks, ratings agencies, and government regulators." "Charlie and Jamie had always sort of assumed that there was some grown-up in charge of the financial system whom they had never met; now, they saw there was not."

I think a lot of us assumed there actually WAS someone overseeing all of this. But, as we see time and again, in virtually ALL areas of our lives, it is greed and corruption that rules the day....