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Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything - Daniel Goleman I really enjoyed this one and had a hard time putting it down! Goleman writes about how "green" really isn't "green." We may think we are buying green, but he says that nothing made industrially can be utterly green, only relatively more so. He talks about how "freegans" are green, as they try never to buy anything new, try not to drive, etc. Not a way of life that most of us will live, especially when it comes to food.

Good Guide is evaluating a lot of the chemicals found in the products we use everyday, ones that the US has grandfathered in, saying they are safe, even though no testing was ever done on them! In 1979, the newly formed Environmental Protection Agency drew up a list of about 62,000 industrial chemicals and ruled that their use could continue without any testing or review of any sort! Some of these are known to be highly toxic. Thirty years later, only a few hundred of them have actually been tested!

The Skin Deep database is another valuable resource that covers cosmetics. We are buying toxic shampoo for our babies, not even realizing what we are doing! Europe has a program called REACH which is testing these grandfathered chemicals and have already banned a large number of them.

BodyBurden.org will let you know what industrial chemicals we carry around in our bodies, not only from the products we use, but to the chemicals we are breathing in the air on a daily basis.

Things will only begin to change when we vote with our dollars and refuse to keep buying all these toxic products.... Let us all spread the word and make these companies change for the good of all of us!