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Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things - Randy O. Frost, Gail Steketee Really enjoyed this one. I have a tendency to hoard and have recently been forced to get rid of a lot of things as I moved into a much smaller place. That definitely made me take a look at all the things I had been saving,"just in case."

Lots of psychological theories here. One is that hoarders form attachments to objects rather than people. I can definitely identify with that one. People can let you down, leave, die, etc, but possessions are always there. Other people become attached to things that remind them of the past. I had a hard time parting with things like that, especially things I have from deceased family members.

"Fromm posited two contrasting aspects of existence: having and being. Having, or the state of avarice, he claimed, is the most destructive feature of humanity."

Lots of stories of hoarders, too, especially the world renowned Collyer brothers. More attention is being brought to this disorder with tv reality shows. "We know of several cases in which hoarders have committed suicide following a forced cleanout." These are not just from tv, they are forced to clean because of law enforcement.

"People who hoard often speak in overly elaborate ways, including far too many details and losing the main theme". Definitely got me on that one, too!

They state that most hoarders have ADHD. These symptoms become even more pronounced as they become adults. They also describe a tendency to avoid any work that required sustained mental effort.

The book mentions several online groups including: Overcoming Hoarding Together, Children of Hoarders, and Messies Anonymous, in addition to several organization helpers and other books.

So, after you have gotten your stuff cleaned up and organized, it seems that focusing on "being" more than "having" brings people closer to happiness. That is what I plan to focus on...

Must read!