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The 50th Law - 50 Cent, Robert Greene Normally, I would not have read this book, but I picked it up for a friend who is a huge fan of 50 cent. Soooo, I decided to give it a try.

I found it to be the most repetitious book I have ever read in my entire life! The same story is repeated over and over and over again! If I thought it was worth my time, I would count the number of times the story of his shooting and being dropped by his record label is repeated. Also, we are told over and over again how his name used to be Curtis and is now 50 cent! Sheesh!

The rest of the book alternates between his dealing drugs in the hood and other people's stories of how they made something of themselves.

While there are a few interesting tidbits here, I would definitely NOT recommend this one, even to die hard fans!