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$20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better - Christopher Steiner Interesting look at how the rise of gasoline will actually help our country! The higher the price rises, the more cost effective alternative energy becomes. Lots of suggestions here. MDI is producing a car that runs on compressed air, but is having a tough time getting it approved in the US as it is too lightweight. Detroit has been telling us that hydrogen powered cars are right around the corner, but that is a big lie as there is no readily available source of hydrogen. GM has already wasted a billion on this crap, thanks to American taxpayers....T. Boone Pickens touts natural gas, a dwindling resource. If we make hydrogen from natural gas, it makes carbon dioxide, and we all know we don't need any more of that!

Metabolix has a great idea, making plastics out of grain-based sugars rather than petroleum. It is also bio-degradeable, so it won't add to the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, a 1,000 mile patch in the Pacific Ocean that has more than 3 million tons of floating plastic trash!

The US Government has to step up to the plate and support our rail service. Instead of using out gas taxes to build and repair roads, why not put the money into the railroads? A rhetorical question, one that the powerful lobbyists have made moot. More than four times the amount of freight can be delivered per gallon of fuel by rail over trucks. Not to mention how efficient they are as people movers. All we have to do is look to Europe for examples....

We will also be moving away from petroleum based fertilizers. When you eat corn, soy, tomatoes or potatoes, you are eating natural gas as that is how our fertilizers are derived! Once the price rises high enough, we can go back to using electrolysis and water to make the ammonia that we need, rather than gas. We can also use that same ammonia for powering our cars. What comes out of the tail pipe after combustion is nitrogen and water.

I would definitely recommend this book to our current President. Implementing any of the ideas in this book would not only create tons of green jobs, but also clean our atmosphere and keep our money at home, where it belongs. Obama just came out in favor of rebuilding our electric grid, which is one of the first steps to creating a sustainable future! Wind and solar power needs to be consumed closer to where it is being made, as we lose lots of in on transmission. Also, if lots of us start driving plug-in electric cars, we are going to need that extra capacity.

Sounds like we really can have a bright future with gasoline at $20 per gallon!