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Ocean of Fear
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Lucky Or Smart?: Fifty Pages for the First-Time Entrepreneur - Bo Peabody Even though I am not a first time entrepreneur, I decided to pick up this little book as I am interested in starting up yet another business.
Fairly interesting, definitely easy to read.

His answer to the title question is: "I was smart enough to realize I was getting lucky." He talks a lot about the differences between entrepreneurs and managers. He says that entrepreneurs want results immediately, while managers are happy to wait. Entrepreneurs understand everything about nothing and a little bit about a lot of things. They tend to get bored quickly with any one task. That definitely describes me!

"Train yourself not to shut down when you hear the word "no." That is in fact just the time to really start fighting." "Always be gracious." I have a hard time with that one, I can get sarcastic when angered and do things that are definitely NOT in my best interests!

"Entrepreneurs are born. not made." Hmmmm, I think I was born this way, I can remember thinking like this as a child. I am not so sure that I totally agree with this as a blanket statement however!

Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to explore their entrepreneurism!