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Love, Lies, and Deception
L.P. Dover
Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government
Yaron Brook, Don Watkins
Confessions of a Corporate Slut
Jacqueline Gum
Freestyle Community Drum Circles
Rick Cormier
The Bliss Balance - Create Success, Peace, and Happiness in Your Life
Rebekah Harkness
Ocean of Fear
Helen Hanson
Elsewhere, U.S.A.: How We Got from the Company Man, Family Dinners, and the Affluent Society to the Home Office, BlackBerry Moms, and Economic Anxiety - Dalton Conley I picked up and read this one as it is about one of the subjects I am interested in. I enjoyed it, but can't say that I really learned anything from it.... He talks about "weisure" where we are working during our leisure time by being tied to our blackberries, etc. Times sure have changed since the 1950's, but since I have lived through these changes, I was already aware of the vast majority of them. Didn't even find new insight into these issues. That being said, I still found that it was easy to read and kept me going.... If this is your subject and don't have a better book to read, try this one!