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Ocean of Fear
Helen Hanson
The Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper in the Crash Following the Greatest Boom in History - Harry S. Dent Jr. I found this book a bit tedious and boring. Loaded with charts and way too many references to his web site, where is wants to charge you $299.00 for updates!

Some of this already seems outdated. I believe we are in a much deeper recession now than he claims. He does predict things will get worse in the near term. From now to mid 2010, he recommends investors stick to cash, money market funds, safe currencies, commodities and energy stocks. He says to stop mortgaging the house to put the kids through school, recommending instead to put the money you would have spent into a long term investment account, making them millionaires at the peak of their careers.

The best advice, imho, is that we need a revolution in business and political organization that will meet the crisis in oil and commodity prices, pollution and global warming, trade protectionism, inequality in incomes, lagging infrastructure investments and terrorism.

It is my hope that President Obama and the stimulus plan will help us along these lines....

Wouldn't really recommend this one....