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Content: Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright, and the Future of the Future - Cory Doctorow I absolutely loved his book! It's a collection of articles that we previously printed elsewhere, but, when you put them all together, you get a great read!

The author talks a lot about how he releases all his books on the net for free. You would think he would lose money doing so, but the freebies stimulate interest in his books which lead to more copies being sold. The RIAA could learn a lot from this book, instead of actively suing their own customers....

One interesting thing I learned from this book is about the 1995 TRIPS agreement, with the World Trade Organization. Countries who sign onto the bill, can export manufactured goods into the US without ANY tariffs. In return, they have to sign up to protect American copyrights in their own country. The end result has been that a lot of countries have not enforced the laws. Even if they do, there are a lot of poor countries that can not afford to pay for American media.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in copyright law, DRM, electronic distribution of media and it's future. It's easy to read, definitely NOT some dry textbook...