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The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets: How to Keep Your Portfolio Up When the Market is Down (Little Books. Big Profits) - Peter D. Schiff I really enjoyed this book! The author seems to promote his web site a bit too much, but otherwise there is a lot of great info here. Hyperinflation from fiat money is destroying the value of our cash and bonds. He suggests investing in foreign stocks, even moving abroad to take advantage of numerous countries that will be much better off than the USA. He thinks gold will go much higher and points out that the relative value of gold versus oil has stayed about the same. It's the US dollar that is losing it's value. Goldmoney.com is one suggestion.

He puts the blame squarely on the Federal Reserve Bank for keeping interest rates artificially low and causing the housing bubble. Giving them the keys to the henhouse is going to make the problems even worse, as is printing more money to prop up our economy as the new administration will probably do...

Not all suggestions are easy for Americans to take advantage of. Personally, I pulled my money out of the US market in Oct 2007, which was a great idea. Unfortunately, I left some in an overseas mutual fund, which went down with the US market as most foreign countries' economies are linked with ours. According to the author, this is a good investment, not quite as good as investing directly, though. My mutual fund should outperform as the growing countries rely less on US consumers to buy their goods and they start buying them themselves...

Commodities have dropped recently, which makes them even more attractive now.... Lots of food for thought and opportunities here! Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to preserve and grow their capital!