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The First Billion Is the Hardest: How Believing It's Still Early in the Game Can Lead to Life's Greatest Comebacks - T. Boone Pickens I've become very impressed with Boone and his Picken's Plan. I wished the book was more about alternative energy and less about his life as I am not into autobiographies. Nevertheless, it was an interesting read!

Some of the things he proposes in his plan would make even more money for this billionaire. That is all well and good as it would serve the country, also. However, I think his idea of piping electricity from Texas wind farms to both coasts could be done a bit more locally. His plan would need Congress to give authority to take land to build the transmission lines. Supposedly the lines we already have are overloaded. I do think we need to upgrade our infrastructure in the US, not only for power generation, but for natural gas filling stations. It's obvious that sending $700 billion abroad every year for oil (mostly to countries that are hostile towards the US) is killing our economy!

Best quotes:
"Scientific American estimated that solar power could produce five thousand times the electricity currently consumed in the world."

"a 2005 Stanford University showed there is enough wind worldwide to satisfy global electricity demand seven times over, even if only 20 percent of the power could be captured."

IMHO, we need the leadership in Washington to mandate that we clean up our acts and get off fossil fuels asap! This would bring tons of jobs into the US, manufacturing and installing wind and solar, upgrading infrastructure and even export this technology to places like China, a country hungry for power and who are currently building dirty coal fired electricity plants.